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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Bugatti Aerolithe Concept is a design study of a futuristic exclusive sportscar inspired by the legendary 1935 Bugatti Electron Aerolithe prototype.Some of the key features of the design include aeronautics inspired split canopy doors, split windshield, pronounced windows, bullet proof windows, lightweight construction material and Bugatti's signature front grille.The car is powered by a Microturbine-battery hybrid powertrain. A single fill of the tank can make this car run up to 800 miles!!

''The only way to do great work is to love what you do,If you haven't found it yet,keep looking.Don't settle.As with all matter of the heart,you'll know when you find it.'' Steve jobs

Love this airbrushed helmet ..!!

'Who are you to judge the life i live?I am not perfect and i don't have to be before you start pointing fingers,make sure your hands are clean.'' Bob marley

Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and..realizing you were the prisoner !!

Rare and amazing spiral clouds above South Georgia Island!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The “Dancing House Czech Republic,Prague is set on a property of great historical significance. Its site was the location of a house destroyed by the U.S. bombing of Prague in 1945. The plot and structure lay decrepit until 1960 when the area was cleared. The neighbouring plot was co-owned by the family of Václav Havel who spent most of his life there. As early as 1986,then a respected architect in the Czechoslovak milieu, conceived an idea for a project at the place and discussed it with his neighbour, the then little-known dissident Václav Havel. A few years later, during the Velvet Revolution Havel became a popular leader and was subsequently elected president of Czechoslovakia

"If you always put Limits on everything you do,physical or anything else,It will spread into your works and Into your life.There are no limits.There are only plateaus,and you must not stay there,you must go beyond them."~ Bruce Lee

Jay Bholenath.Hindu lord Shiva & parvati



Love her
Die for her
Take her to dinner
Miss the game for her
Buy her jewelry
Be interested in  
What she has to say .............................
                                                                 How to please a man ;
                                                                Show up naked,Bring Beer.

Harbin ice and Snow festival China

Ride hard to die!!

No one is born with hatred or intolerance!!

Creative works


                                                This creative work is cool hundred dollar  currency 

                                                             is turned out in  shirt

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